Wedding fees

Set out below are the Church of England fees payable for your wedding.

ST GORAN CHURCH    Charges for Weddings

Fees as notified by Diocese:

Marriage Service:                £455.00

Publication of Banns:            £30.00

Certificate of Banns:             £14.00

Total:                                  £499.00


St Goran Church Fees:

    Organist - Michael Teague               £120

                   - Visiting Organist                £80

    Verger                                                 £40

    Bells                                                   £120

    West End Room + Kitchen                  £40

    Church Heating (if required)               £25

    Flowers in Church from    £50*         (Discuss with Tricia Atkins 01726-842227} (Optional)

ST MICHAEL'S CAERHAYS  Charges for weddings

St Michael's charges are as laid down by the Diocese, with extras similar to St Goran
            Marriage  Service        £455
            Publication of Banns   £30
            Banns Certificate        £14
            Total                            £499
            Verger                       £40
            Organist                   £100
            Bells                        £120
We do not offer flower arranging, but provide assistance and advice.




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